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B O X  O F F I C E

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Poster 1 (4).png

Check below for an important message from our producers!

Your receipt is the ticket you will show at the door.   (You will be NOT given a paper ticket). If you can't print a receipt, bring your photo ID as there will be a list of online tick
et purchasers. We hope you enjoy the show!

The epic struggle between good and evil brings to life the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson using music and drama.  It is an evocative tale of two men – one, a doctor, passionate and romantic; the other, a terrifying madman – and two women – both in love with the same man and both unaware of his dark secret.


Patron note: The show is not suited for young audiences. It contains violence and sexuality in the story line. Please use your discretion when ordering tickets. If you are wondering about the content, please refer to the original book by Robert Louis Stevenson it is based on, or see reviews online of the Broadway show for reference.


To pre-order concessions (and receive a small discount!) please click here (link to become active 1 month before the show – please check back then!)

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