Kenai Performers Mission Statement:


To promote, produce and perform high-quality, live theatre for the central Kenai Peninsula.

  • Promote: Offering education in the performing arts and in the power of live theatre to enrich the community, and awarding scholarships for training in the field.

  • Produce: Providing hands-on experience in backstage theatre craft and protocol.

  • Perform: Inviting community-wide participation in the live theatre experience


Vision and Values:


Kenai Performers is a creative home for our imagination — providing an open venue for the vibrant arts of our community.

We, the Kenai Performers, value…

…human creativity because it compels us to explore all aspects of our mental, physical and spiritual being as humans.

…the partnerships and relationships that arise from bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and points of view to work with meaningful literature, music, stories and art to experience the intense harmony of a shared artistic creation. We value that “magic” itself.

…growth and development of both individuals and our organization, in order to enrich our community.

…open-mindedness to insure we capture the diverse talents of our community resource and deliver a broad wealth of theatrical experience.

..the way in which volunteerism connects people and inspires community.

…quality on every level, both on and off stage. We strive to set a positive example in our community.

..fun and entertainment for participants and audience, as this is how we all return for more.

…integrity and respect as integral to our dignity and identity as individuals, and as a company.

…sustainability as we endeavor to build a strong fiscal, organizational and creative infrastructure for future Kenai Performers.